Exhibitors - 2022 Exhibit Hall

Alcon - Booth # 33

Vision Care - Contact Lenses

Contact: Steven McCall
Phone: 917-968-2644
Email: [email protected]


Essilor - Booth # 34

A global leader in the design, manufacture and distribution of ophthalmic
lenses, frames and sunglasses.

Contact: Larry Enright
Phone: 413-358-9020
Email: [email protected]


VSP Vision - Booth # 40

Lenses - Labs - Industry Relations

Contact: Ron Love
Email: [email protected]


ABB Optical Group - Booth # 28

At ABB Optical Group, we deliver more than just products. We deliver services,
solutions and convenience that can’t be found anywhere else. We’ve spent decades
developing a single-source network of Contact Lens, Labs, and Business Solutions.

Contact: Chris Bilinsky
Phone: 203-675-2045
Email: [email protected]


Cherry Optical Lab - Booth # 32

Cherry Optical Lab is an independent wholesale laboratory with 24 hour production.
We give eye care professionals the autonomy to choose lens brands, materials, styles
and coatings that best fit the needs of your patient.

Contact: Lisa Tinson
Phone: 920-469-2559
Email: [email protected]

Johnson & Johnson - Booth # 16

Ophthalmic surgical, medical device, and consumer products.

Contact: Gerri Lyons Ball
Phone: 908-432-3927
Email: [email protected]

Neurolens - Booth # 15

Most patients experience reduced visual acuity and symptoms due to
eye misalignment, and even small misalignments can have a big impact.
Relief is in sight with Neurolenses, which provide proven symptom relief
to 93% of wearers. 

Contact: Paul Quitadamo
Phone: 936-523-0813
Email: [email protected]

Walman Optical - Booth # 4

Our Products. We partner with major manufacturers to produce their lenses
and coatings within Walman Optical labs to ensure you get consistent quality
and turn-time regardless of the lens design you prefer.

Contact: Heather Dudzik
Phone: 612-520-6143
Email: [email protected]


PECAA - Booth # 3

With renowned peer networking and idea exchange, unmatched practice
management services, the purchasing power of 12,000 members, 250+
industry best vendor programs and unrivaled IncentivEYES® rebates,
PECAA brings together the absolute best of what IECPs need to connect,
build and prosper in one simple membership - fully customizable to align
with your individual needs. We invite you to join us! Call PECAA's team of
Solutions Specialists for a benefits overview at: 800.959.2020, Option 3 or
visit PECAAMax.com to learn more.

Contact: Jacqueline Thomas
Phone: 800-959-2020
Email: [email protected]

Other Vendors

Acculens - Booth # 12

Acculens provides the latest in scleral lens technology and makes it accessible
to your practice and patients. With complimentary individualized training, learn
to bring the art of scleral lens fitting to your patients. Stop by our booth to learn
about the latest in multifocal and freeform scleral lens designs.

Contact: Steve Cogger
Phone: 720-201-9878
Email: [email protected]


Bausch & Lomb - Booth # 14

Detailed Product information ranging from contact lenses, contact lens
solution to pharmaceuticals and eyecare health.

Contact: Quincy Flournoy
Phone: 860-805-8007
Email: [email protected]


Coburn Technologies - Booth # 31

Coburn Technologies, Inc. has been a leading, global manufacturer and distributor
of computer-integrated ophthalmic lens processing systems and ophthalmic instruments.
We design, manufacture and service software, equipment and supplies used in all aspects
of surfacing prescriptions in lens blanks, coating and finishing lenses to fit into patient frames.

Contact: John Ingriselli
Phone: 860-648-6623
Email: [email protected]


CooperVision - Booth # 20

CooperVision - a leading manufacturer of contact lenses - offers the broadest portfolio of soft contact
lenses available, as well as premium rigid gas permeable lenses for orthokeratology and scleral designs.
The company has a strong heritage of addressing the toughest vision challenges, including astigmatism,
presbyopia, childhood myopia, and highly irregular corneas.

Contact: Katy Yvon
Phone: 413-324-3586
Email: [email protected]


Dolabany Eyewear - Booth # 26

Independent Frame Company

Contact: Nina Oberlin
Phone: 800-688-7661
Email: [email protected]


Dompe - Booth # 23

Oxervate is the only FDA-approved treatment option that targets the underlying cause
of neurotrophic keratitis to enable complete corneal healing in most pts.

Contact: Trish Sullivan
Phone: 203-209-3206
Email: [email protected]


epipole Inc. - Booth # 1

epipole are the engineering force behind the epiCam - the handheld, ultraportable
video fundus camera taking the eyecare market by storm. Discover Retinal Healthcare
in Motion for yourself at our stand, or find out more via epipole.com

Contact: Todd St. Pierre
Phone: 804-432-8384
Email: [email protected]


Eschenbach Optik of America - Booth # 7

Eschenbach products enhance vision and change lives.  Our wide range of magnification
solutions include video and optical magnifiers, absorptive filters and task lighting that improve
the productivity and independence of seniors and individuals with vision loss.  Plus we offer
turnkey programs for your practice that include products, training and consultative support
to ensure successful patient outcomes.  Visit us to learn more and for a demo of the NEW
Smartlux Digital!

Contact: Jim Leahy
Phone: 800-487-5389
Email: [email protected]


Eyefficient LLC - Booth # 39

Home of the Firefly and other select devices.

Contact: Peter Krenicky
Phone: 860-490-7034
Email: [email protected]


Falck Medical, Inc. - Booth # 17

Falck Medical, Inc is changing the practice of eye care with their innovative
multifunction applanation technology known as the FMAT1. This multifunction
device will not only take the guess work out of managing your glaucoma and
vascular patients but also add new revenue to your practice.

Contact: Francis Falck, MD, PhD, MS
Phone: 860-536-9000
Email: [email protected]


Glaukos - Booth # 6

The only FDA approved treatment of keratoconus cornea crosslinking.
The treatment of glaucoma MIGs. Istent InjectW.

Contact: Thomas Dodd
Phone: 844-528-3376
Email: [email protected]


Hoya Vision Care - Booth # 18

Lab (lenses only)

Contact: Jessica Rivera
Phone: 860-883-0717
Email: [email protected]


iCare USA, Inc. - Booth # 41

Icare USA devices deliver objective, repeatable, and accurate measurements
of IOP, visual field, and retinal imaging in the clinic and at home. Our portfolio
includes the tonometry line with the iCare IC200, IC100 and HOME2. The automated
TrueColor Confocal Fundus imaging systems include the DRSplus and EIDON Ultra
Wide-Field system with AF and FA options. The COMPASS Fundus Perimeter has retinal
tracking and fundus imaging for more reliable and repeatable testing.

Contact: Joe Mills
Phone: 508-801-3222
Email: [email protected]


IT Support RI - Booth # 42

IT service and support company that is HIPAA certified and specializes in working
with optometrists and other healthcare professionals.

Contact: Leeanna Raposo
Phone: 401-522-5200
Email: [email protected]


Lumenis - Booth # 19

Lumenis Vision is renowned for technological breakthroughs with a long list of industry
gold standards introducing OptiLight, the first and only light therapy for dry eye management.
Using the patented Optimal Pulse Technology, it offers a safe, targeted, and effective treatment
supported by over 20 clinical studies. OptiLight is a quick, in-office treatment that can elevate
and scale your practice while significantly improving your patients' sign of dry eyes.

Contact: Michael Perno
Phone: 669-588-6258
Email: [email protected]


MacuHealth - Booth # 8

Since 2006, MacuHealth has provided clinically proven industry-leading eye care supplements
for patients at every stage of life. It pioneered the scientifically validated 10:10:2, Meso-Zeaxanthin,
Lutein and Zeaxanthin formulation, with Micro-Micelle™ Technology for increased absorption and
results, and its TG Omega-3 is the highest quality fish oil on the market. By focusing on
innovation and embracing science, we create products that contribute to a lifetime of ocular health.

Contact: Pete Brown
Phone: 978-767-6018
Email: [email protected]


Marco Ophthalmic - Booth # 10

As the Leader in Vision Diagnostics®, Marco continues to revolutionize the ophthalmic industry.
Visit us in the Marco booth to learn more about our full suite of automated refractive & diagnostic devices,
the newly launched, virtual reality Perimeter, and our broad range of premium classical exam lane equipment.

Contact: Rich White
Phone: 508-963-1110
Email: [email protected]


Merchant Solutions LLC - Booth # 21

Credit card and ACH payment processing and related software, hardware and integrations.

Contact: Andrew Moran
Phone: 866-326-3480
Email: [email protected]


Nikon Optical USA Inc/Encore Optics - Booth # 11

Proud supporter of independent optometry and supplier of the most advance lens
and coating technology in the US, all finished here in Connecticut.

Contact: Renee Wheelock
Phone: 518-429-6411
Email: [email protected]


Novartis - Booth # 27


Contact: Tim Fowle
Phone: 413-531-1119
Email: [email protected]


Ophthalmic Consultants of CT (OCLI Vision) - Booth # 36

Ophthalmic Consultants of Connecticut (OCC), also known as OCLI Vision, is a
multi-specialty ophthalmology group serving patients in East Haven, Fairfield, Meriden,
and Stamford area. Within the practice, Drs Donnenfeld, Noecker, and Stein specialize in
cataract and refractive surgery. Dr. Noecker also specializes in glaucoma management.
Drs Thimons OD and Bhatt OD also support patients at all four above locations.

Contact: Michelle Gonyea
Phone: 203-366-8000
Email: [email protected]


Ophthalmic Instrument Company, Inc - Booth # 29

Providing the New England and Eastern New York area ophthalmic community with quality
products and services at competitive prices since 1978. As the largest ophthalmic equipment
dealer in the Northeast, OIC offers the highest quality equipment from the industry's leading manufacturers.

Contact: Jonathan Mueller
Phone: 508-944-3717
Email: [email protected]


Optos Inc - Booth # 2

Invented by Optos, ultra-widefield optomap retinal imaging is the ONLY true UWF imaging technology -
documenting 82% of the retina in a single capture. Thousands of peer-reviewed studies confirm that
optomap enables doctors to more effectively detect and manage retinal pathology. optomap is revolutionizing
eye care, helping doctors save sight and lives.

Contact: Nelson DeMelo
Phone: 508-787-1585
Email: [email protected]


Practice Exchange - Booth # 22

Practice Exchange, LLC has helped over 3,000 doctors nationwide transition their practice. If you are interested
in selling your practice or purchasing a practice, stop by our booth to learn more.

Contact: Ryan Kelly
Phone: 401-378-1036
Email: [email protected]


ReFocus Eye Health - Booth #13

Refocus is a Connecticut based Ophthalmology and Optometry practice with 16 offices
throughout the state. We offer a wide array of services to our patients and partner physicians.

Contact: John Lavin
Phone: 203-465-1422
Email: [email protected]

Signet Armorlite/KODAK Lens - Booth # 9

KODAK Lens design portfolio illustrated through product literature, displays, and demonstration.
Attending reps will also be highlighting different programs we offer to ECPs.

Contact: Denise Colasanto
Phone: 978-518-6817
Email: [email protected]


Spark Therapeutics - Booth # 5

Spark Offers Free Genetic Testing for IRD

Contact: Patrick Martinson
Phone: 215-282-7656
Email: [email protected]


Sun Ophthalmics - Booth # 35

Sun Ophthalmics is reenergizing eye care. We are a US division of Sun Pharma, a global
specialty pharmaceutical corporation with operations in over 150 countries. We focus on
your unmet treatment needs in patient care so you can focus on your patients. Discover a
brighter future in eye care.

Contact: David Soucy
Phone: 860-916-6427
Email: [email protected]


TD Bank - Booth # 30

Practice Financing to acquire an existing practice, buy into a practice or buy out a partner
up to $12MM practice value. Owner-occupied commercial real estate loans, project financing,
working capital lines of credit, retail practice solutions including commerical checking, merchant
services and remote deposit.

Contact: Patricia Hannon
Phone: 860-309-4852
Email: [email protected]


Thea Pharma, Inc. - Booth # 37

iVizia - Zioptan - AcellFX - Betimol

Contact: Joe Montovani
Phone: 860-794-7301
Email: [email protected]


Visionix - Booth # 38

Visionix, formerly Luneau Technology and Optovue, is the global manufacturer and exclusive
sales, service and training provider for Optovue OCT, Visionix screening and refraction systems,
as well as Briot and Weco lens finishing equipment in North America. With over 100 years of
innovation, an expanded product line, as well as a new level of support, clinical education, and
practice integration, we are well-positioned to help you unlock your potential.

Contact: Peter Krenicky
Phone: 860-490-7034
Email: [email protected]




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