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Essilor of America - Booth # 44

A global leader in the design, manufacture and distribution of ophthalmic lenses, frames and sunglasses.

Contact: Amisha Patel
Phone: (203) 964-7175
Email: [email protected]


Alcon Laboratories, Inc. - Booth # 42

Contact Lenses, Pharmaceticals


Contact: Carroll Byrne
Phone: (871) 615-2448
Email: [email protected]


Neurolens - Booth # 41

Most patients experience reduced visual acuity and symptoms due to eye misalignment, and even small misalignments can have a big impact. Relief is in sight with Neurolenses, which provide proven symptom relief to 93% of wearers. 


Contact: Derek Johnson
Phone: (203) 640-3152
Email: [email protected]


Visionix - Booth # 43

Visionix is the global manufacturer and exclusive sales, service and training provider of Optovue OCT, Visionix screening and refraction systems, as well as Briot and Weco lens finishing equipment in North America. With over 100 years of innovation, an expanded product line, as well as a new level of support, clinical education, and practice integration, we are well-positioned to help you unlock your potential.


Contact: Peter Krenicky
Phone: (860) 490-7034 
Email: [email protected]


VSP Vision - Booth # 34

Frames, Lab, EHR

Contact: Ron Love
Phone: (978) 758-0915
Email: [email protected]



Cherry Optical Lab - Booth # 37

Cherry Optical Lab is a family-owned, Independent wholesale optical laboratory with a team of 250+ employees producing lenses 24 hours a day, 5+ days a week. We are "Seekers of Better" - from boldly pioneering new processes to our obsession with cultivating Happy People. We boldly believe that an optical lab's job is to work for eyecare providers to deliver perfection for their patients, regardless of the prescription. If you want it, we can make it. We offer an accelerated turnaround time with lenses crafted to meet the highest quality standards by experts who have received the same certifications as opticians. All this in an effort to give ECPs more ways to say "Yes" to their patients. Ultimately, COL Believes Happy People Make: Better Lenses, Better Team Members, and Better Allies. Are you ready to Seek Better? #happypeoplemakebetterlenses #col #seekbetter

Contact: Lisa Tinson
Phone: (920) 469-2559
Email: [email protected]


PECAA - Booth # 35

PECAA is the nation's premier membership group delivering a wide range of business support services to help independent practices thrive. We offer two membership options - PECAA Max and HEA Advantage - to let ECPs select the program best suited for their needs. Visit pecaa.com to learn more and connect with us.

Contact: Jacqueline Thomas
Phone: (800) 959-2020 ext. 2602  
Email: [email protected]



ABB Optical Group - Booth # 11

ABB offers the unique convenience of a single-source optical platform, providing products, services, and solutions to help ECPs be more efficient and navigate market changes effectively. ABB operates through 3 business pillars: ABB Contact Lens, ABB Labs, and ABB Business Solutions and is a leading authorized distributor of all major soft CL manufacturers and the foremost manufacturer of custom soft & gas permeable CL. Most recently ABB launched Abby, an easy to use online CL ordering platform designed to strengthen the doctor patient relationship. ABB is focused on the future and helping you succeed.


Contact: Chris Bilinsky

Phone: (800) 852.8089 x 6182

Email: [email protected]


Bausch + Lomb - Booth #5

Bausch + Lomb has core businesses in OTC products, dietary supplements, eye care products, ophthalmic pharmaceuticals, contact lenses, lens care products, ophthalmic surgical devices and instruments.


Contact: Bill Schutt

Phone: (508) 662-3123

Email: [email protected]


Bausch + Lomb - Booth # 6

Vision Care Products


Contact: Khari Mitchell

Phone: (413) 297-9877

Email: [email protected]


BioTissue - Booth # 36

Prokera® is a biologic medical device used by eye doctors around the world for anti-inflammation, anti-scarring and promoting healing of damaged eye surfaces. It contains the only FDA-cleared cryopreserved amniotic membrane, which supports the corneal-healing process without harmful side effects. Prokera can optimize the ocular surface rapidly in a disease as simple as dry eye or as serious as a corneal ulcer.


Contact: Ben Barney

Phone: (401) 243-7722

Email: [email protected]


CooperVision - Booth # 3

Contact Lens Manufacturer


Contact: Bill Power

Phone: (585) 364-8366

Email: [email protected]


Dolabany Eyewear - Booth # 33

Founded in 1989, Dolabany Eyewear - a family-owned and operated frame company - has been a reliable source of high quality, classically designed, and hand-crafted eyewear.


Contact: Nina Oberlin

Phone: (305) 477-4707 

Email: [email protected]


Dry Eye Treatment Center of Connecticut - Booth # 8

Dry Eye diagnostics evaluations and custom therapies IPL, RadioFrequency, LLLT, Meibomian gland probing, Demodex treatment, PRP platelet rich plasma therapy.


Contact: Dr. Don Higgins

Phone: (860) 793-9613

Email: [email protected]


Essilor Instruments, USA - Booth # 17

Essilor Instruments is a worldwide leader in the development of modern solutions and technologies for eye care professionals, providing an extensive range of equipment in categories such as finishing, refraction, diagnostics, vision screening, and dispensing measurement devices.


Contact: Curt Jewett

Phone: (773) 867-0380 X112

Email: [email protected]


EssilorLuxottica Eye Care - Booth # 22

As a Center of Excellence within EssilorLuxottica, a global leader in the design, manufacture, & distribution of ophthalmic lenses, frames, & sunglasses, Eye Care provides optometrists with the tools, resources, & technology needed to thrive in their careers and be vision care providers of choice. Over 1,600 affiliated optometrists & 3,700 opticians deliver exceptional patient experiences in 2,200+ practices across the US and Canada. In collaboration with retail brands including LensCrafters, Target Optical, Pearle Vision, & For Eyes, Eye Care works to form the future of optometry.


Contact: Lisa Nagy

Phone: (484) 613-7416

Email: [email protected]


Falck Medical - Booth # 1


Contact: John Herde

Phone: (860) 416-2906

Email: [email protected]


Glaukos - Booth # 10

Corneal cross-linking for the treatment of keratoconus; iStent for MIGS treatment.


Contact: Thomas Dodd

Phone: (518) 366-2203

Email: [email protected]


IT Support RI - Booth # 7

An IT service provider with a strong focus on cybersecurity and cloud-based solutions for our clients. We offer support, email, cybersecurity, VoIP, productivity, and disaster recovery solutions.


Contact: Tony Folco

Phone: (401) 522-5200

Email: [email protected]


Johnson & Johnson Vision - Booth # 28

Contact Lenses


Contact: Chris Siegel

Phone: (716) 998-6034

Email: [email protected]


KODAK Lens - Booth # 29

KODAK Lens is a direct result in our long-term commitment to support independent eyecare professionals. Our products and services exclusive to ECPs reflects iyr dedication to your success in vision healthcare. Your paitents can count on cutting-edge technology, high quality and proven performance prescribed with the skill only a iECP can offer.


Contact: Denise Colasanto

Phone: (760) 585-2402

Email: [email protected]


Konan Medical USA - Booth # 24

Konan Medical develops and distributes innovative ophthalmic diagnostic devices that help clinicians diagnose and manage vision-threatening or potentially life-threatening disorders. See What You've Been Missing®


Contact: Philip Dupont

Phone: (949) 576-2200

Email: [email protected]


Lombart - Booth #26

Lombart Healthcare is the nation's largest provider of new and pre-owned ophthalmic equipment for optometry and ophthalmology practices, hospitals, universities, and the US government. We are proud to offer our customers great pricing and financing, quick delivery, reliable service, and unparalleled customer support.


Contact: Lena Zhuk

Phone: (904) 997-4114

Email: [email protected]


Lumenis - Booth # 25

Lumenis Vision is recognized for technological breakthroughs in ophthalmology equipment and a long list of industry gold standards in laser eye surgery.


Contact: Paul Contantini

Phone: (203) 889-7650

Email: [email protected]


MacuHealth - Booth # 32

Since 2006, MacuHealth has provided clinically proven industry-leading eye care supplements for patients at every stage of life. It pioneered the scientifically validated 10:10:2, Meso-Zeaxanthin, Lutein and Zeaxanthin formulation, with Micro-Micelle™ Technology for increased absorption and results, and its TG Omega-3 is the highest quality fish oil on the market. By focusing on innovation and embracing science, we create products that contribute to a lifetime of ocular health.


Contact: Pete Brown

Phone: (978) 767-6018

Email: [email protected]


Marco Healthcare - Booth # 38

As the Leader in Vision Diagnostics®, Marco continues to revolutionize the ophthalmic industry. Visit our booth to learn more about our full suite of automated refractive & diagnostic devices, the newly launched, virtual reality Perimeter, and our broad range of premium classical exam lane equipment.


Contact: Rich White

Phone: (508) 963-1110

Email: [email protected]


Merchant Solutions, LLC - Booth # 20

Merchant Services


Contact: Mike Duarte

Phone: (866) 326-3480

Email: [email protected]


MyEyeDr. - Booth # 16

MyEyeDr. is a management service organization that supports our practices by handling the administration and operations of Dr. owned practices so that our affiliated professional can provide each and every patient the best care.


Contact: Donna Grimaldi

Phone: (516) 784-6162

Email: [email protected]


Nikon Optical US - Booth # 9

For more than 100 years, we have pioneered and revolutionized the optical industry and prescription lenses, Our Japanese heritage influences the way we work to constantly improve precision, protection, and aesthetics to benefit your patients. We strive to push boundaries and deliver a premium client experience, through continuous innovation.


Contact: Jessica Rivera

Phone: (860) 282-0082

Email: [email protected]


Northern Eyewear - Booth # 39

Northern Eyewear is a New England based optical eyewear company supporting the needs of both the optometrist and optician since 2016.  We carry optical frames for both men and women with a variety of brands.  Our current optical lines include Acadia, Allagash Titanium, Granite Flex, Knife Edge, and MOXIE. Our Spider Monkey brand offers sun and reading options for patients.  The company is owned and operated by an optometrist who understands the challenges of vision plans and the competitive eyewear market.  Carry one line, or carry them all for partnership pricing.


Contact: John Hersey, O.D.

Phone: (207) 223-5555

Email: [email protected]


Oasis Medical - Booth # 23

A list of products for Oasis: Artificial Tears, Lid Hygiene, Nutraceuticals, Hot Compress mask


Contact: Benjamin McNeill

Phone: (909) 602-8427

Email: [email protected]


OCC/OCLI Vision - Booth # 18

Ophthalmic Consultants of Connecticut (OCC) also known as OCLI Vision, is a multi-specialty ophthalmology group serving patients in East Haven, Fairfield, Meriden, and Stamford. Drs. Donnenfeld, Noecker, and Stein specialize in cataract and refractive surgery.


Contact: Julie Mastrianni

Phone: (631) 626-6389

Email: [email protected]


OCuSOFT - Booth # 2

We're a full line ophthalmic company that focuses on eyelid hygiene using our OcuSoft Lid Scrubs, Retaine line, and OcuSoft Thermal 1-Touch.


Contact: Chris DeCosimo

Phone: (800) 233-5469

Email: [email protected]


Ophthalmic Instrument Company, Inc. - Booth # 30

Providing the New England and Eastern New York area ophthalmic community with quality products and services at competitive prices since 1978.


Contact: Jonathan Mueller

Phone: (781) 341-2070

Email: [email protected]


Optos - Booth # 15

Optos invented ultra-widefield (UWF™) optomap® retinal imaging - the ONLY true UWF imaging technology which documents 82% of the retina in a single capture. Thousands of peer-reviewed studies confirm that optomap enables doctors to more effectively detect and manage retinal pathology. optomap is revolutionizing eye care and helping doctors save sight.


Contact: Nelson DeMelo

Phone: (800) 854 3039 x1321

Email: [email protected]


PRN Vision Group - Booth # 4

PRN Vision Group partners with eye doctors to provide evidence-based nutriceuticalsmoist heat masks, hygienic products to support patients long-term Anterior & Posterialsegment ocular health. PRN VG = PRN + EyeEco + Cliradex


Contact: Darlene Slocum

Phone: (484) 240-5878

Email: [email protected]


ReFocus Eye Health - Booth # 21

Ophthalmology/Optometry Group


Contact: Thomas Hurley

Phone: (617) 821-1042

Email: [email protected]


ScienceBased Health - Booth # 19


Contact: Asia Rosow

Phone: (281) 885-7726

Email: [email protected]


Sun Ophthalmics - Booth # 31

Sun Ophthalmics is reenergizing eye care. We are a US division of Sun Pharma, a global specialty pharmaceutical corporation with operations in over 150 countries. We focus on your unmet treatment needs in patient care so you can focus on your patients. Discover a brighter future in eye care.

Contact: Marino Crocco

Phone: (732) 616-7221

Email: [email protected]


Tarsus Pharmaceuticals - Booth # 12

Tarsus Pharmaceuticals, Inc. applies proven science and new technology to revolutionize treatment for patients across several therapeutic categories, starting with eye care. Their lead product, XDEMVY™ (lotilaner ophthalmic solution) 0.25% is FDA-approved in the United States for the treatment of Demodexblepharitis. Learn more at TarsusRx.com


Contact: Kristine Hamilton

Phone: (617) 549-6604

Email: [email protected]


Thea Pharma Inc. - Booth # 27

iVizia, AcellFX


Contact: Nick Soares

Phone: (401) 688-6464

Email: [email protected]


Topcon Healthcare - Booth # 40


Contact: Joe Mills

Phone: (609) 439-7480

Email: [email protected]


V-Care Pharmacy of CT - Booth # 14


Contact: Arti Patel-Stellato

Phone: (203) 902-8800

Email: [email protected]


Younger Optics - Booth # 13


Contact: Lis Quinn

Phone: (310) 787-6597

Email: [email protected]


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