Academic Committee

Chair: Thaddeus Bartles, O.D.

Provides continuing education for the Association's general membership; arranges for specialized education in areas such as clinical and research.

Christopher Agro, O.D. Michael McAvoy, O.D. Frank Pimentel, O.D.
Barbara Dune, O.D. Michelle Moore, O.D. Stephen Polezonis, O.D.
Pamela Malchoff, O.D. Joseph Pavano, O.D. Christian Swenby, O.D.


Awards Committee

Chair: Irene Rosenberg, O.D.

Reviews the nominations received and choses the Optometrist of the Year and the Young Optometrist of the Year; consist of the previous five award winners for Optometrist of the Year and Young Optometrist of the Year.  If a previous award winner is unable to participate, the Chair will appoint a member from the list of past recipients; the previous year’s Optometrist of the Year is the Chair of the Committee.

Laura Dake-Roche, O.D. Erin McCleary, O.D. Maria Pribis, O.D.
Maria Diaz, O.D. John Nedelcu, O.D. Gemma Stirba, O.D.
Barbara Dune, O.D. Elizabeth McMunn, O.D. J. James Thimons, O.D.
Brian Lynch, O.D. William Padula, O.D.  


Communications & Outreach Committee

Chair: Elizabeth McMunn, O.D.

Informs the public about Optometry’s services; develops interprofessional relations with other healthcare associations; organizes CAO members’ participation in community health fairs; applies for grants such as Health Eyes, Healthy People and KidSight. 

Ethics Committee

Chair: Alphonse Inclima, O.D.

Investigates complaints and/or concerns; maintains liaison with the State Board of Examiners in Optometry.

Christopher Inclima, O.D. Henry Samson, O.D. Andrea Sokolik, O.D.


Finance Committee

Chair: Michelle Moore, O.D.

Evaluates ways to increase income; evaluates current expenditures. Counsels with the president on the annual budget and prepares recommendations for the Executive Council and; performs such other duties in connection with the finances of the Association as determined by the Council.  Chair is current Secretary/Treasurer.

Lance Alpert, O.D. Michael McAvoy, O.D. John Nedelcu, O.D. Stephen Polezonis, O.D.
Laura Dake-Roche, O.D. Erin McCleary, O.D. Nicholas Paradis, O.D. Christian Swenby, O.D.


Legislative Committee

Chair: Brian Lynch, O.D.

Works to protect promote and expand the scope of optometry through legislative endeavors; and takes an active role in influencing all legislation affecting vision.

Laura Dake-Roche, O.D. David Palozej, O.D. Robert Palozej, O.D.


Managed Care Committee

Chair: Edward Pinn, O.D.

Works to retain the increase Optometrists’ role in third-party care. 

Christopher Agro, O.D. John Nedelcu, O.D. Elizabeth McMunn, O.D.


Membership Committee

Chair: James Ciccarelli, O.D.

Manages the recruitment of new members; generates increased participation in Association activities by existing members; informs prospective and existing members about the benefits of membership in the CAO.

Bijal Desai, O.D. Joseph Madrak, O.D. Maria Pribis, O.D. Christian Swenby, O.D.
Nancy Loveland, O.D. Erin McCleary, O.D. Gemma Stirba, O.D.  


Mentoring Committee

Chair: Erin McCleary, O.D.

Developed for new CAO members (recent graduates, students or established doctors) who might be new to Connecticut or to the CAO. Quarterly events are organized in different locations around the state.

Nomination Committee

Chair: Christian Swenby, O.D.

Studies and evaluates qualifications of prospective candidates for election as officers and directors; invites suggestions from members for nominees; prepares and presents its recommendations to all voting members. Chair is Immediate Past-President.

Scholarship Committee

Chair: Joseph Madrak, O.D.

James Ciccarelli, O.D. Howard Cohen, O.D. Danielle Goldberg, O.D. Jennifer Stewart, O.D.


Take an active role in CAO! If you are interested in participating in a committee, please contact the CAO office at 860.529.1900 or [email protected]
Your time and talents will be appreciated!