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"Like New" Lipiflow and Lipiscan For Sale
Up your dry eye game!  Like new Lipiflow (never been used) and Lipiscan (lightly used) for sale.  Contact us to take advantage of this opportunity.  We will provide guidance on integrating this technology into your practice.  Asking price is 12K for both OBO.  Email at [email protected]

Posted: 1-30-2023


EIDON High Resolution Retinal Cameras For Sale
I am upgrading my retinal imaging system to the new EIDON UWF format and have two EIDON cameras for sale. One is the standard high definition confocal imaging EIDON unit and the other is the EIDON AF with auto-fluorescence imaging built in. The EIDON cameras have some of the very best resolution and contrast of all retinal imaging systems available.These units capture a 90 degree image in one shot and can mosaic up to 5 images to give a 160 degree image, all through a non-dilated pupil. Networking is built in. The images can be pulled up and manipulated on any computer on your office network in your exam room in any browser. I recommend using a 32” monitor in your exam room for an amazing patient experience.Both are in excellent condition and can be seen in my East Hampton office. The standard EIDON unit is 6 years old and the EIDON AF is 5 years old, but that camera was not used for 2 years after COVID as we closed one of our offices. Both units were updated to the latest software in November.Price is less than half of a new camera. The difference between the new ultra widefield version and the standard version is the standard EIDON camera captures 90 degrees in a single image and 160 degrees in a composite mosaic image. The UWF captures 120 degrees in a single image and 200 degrees in a composite mosaic image. As a comparison, the older standard fundus cameras captured 45 degrees in a single image. If you aren’t familiar with this imaging technology, check out this Facebook site with lots of images and comments: If you have any questions or would like to see the cameras in action, just email me or give me a call on my cell phone below.

Jeff Palmer, OD
[email protected]
East Hampton, CT
860-638-7873 cell

Posted: 12-2-2022

Optical Furniture For Sale - West Haven, CT
Color of all pieces is natural almond. All pieces in very good to excellent condition. Pictures Below. Pieces can be sold collectively or singly. Contact: 203-934-4611 if interested in any of the items below. 

  • Doubled angled dispensing table each wing with one drawer and 3 drawers between angled tables
  • Two corner fitting showcase tables
  • Cabinet crezenza
  • Small Fry (child’s) fitting table

Posted: 4/4/2022

Morrell Tripod LT-07 For Sale
Best offer - contact: Dottie Bertolli [email protected]

Posted: 7-22-2021

Zeiss Visucam Pro NM fundus cameras 
We have two 2011 Zeiss Visucam Pro NM fundus cameras for sale, as we just upgraded ours. They are in good working condition. They each come with the computer along with it, and we have a table to include with one of them. We are located in Stratford and Bridgeport CT, and are asking $4,000 OBO per camera. Please email me at [email protected] with any questions

Posted: 1-29-2020

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